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JavaScript Tutorials

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Notepad++ or Adobe Dreamweaver
Filezilla (to upload your website)
Mozilla Firefox (any browser will do)
Lesson 1: Introduction in JavaScript

Just an overview of what this playlist will be about. Not so much with the programming until the next video.

Lesson 2: Comments, Writing, Dialog Boxes, Strings, and Variables

Quite a bit of information that will be covered including comments, alert, confirm, and prompt boxes. We will also discuss strings and variables as well.

Lesson 3: Arithmetic (Math) and Assignment Operators

An introduction in operators that can be used in JavaScript.

Lesson 4: Decision Making, Logical & Comparison Operators, Nesting

We will learn about how to make decisions with if statements as well as nesting them. We will also learn about comparison and logical operators.

Lesson 5: Constants, Review Operators and the Switch

We will learn about constants and how to use them, review the operators that we already know as well as the conditional operator. Then we will learn about the switch statement.

Lesson 6: Data Type Conversion

In this tutorial we will learn about data type conversion using parseInt, parseFloat, and the eval functions.

Lesson 7: Loops

In this tutorial we will learn about while, do while, and the for loop.

Lesson 8: Functions, Parameters, and Variable Scope

In this tutorial, we will learn about functions, when to use parameters with functions, and local and global scope for variables.

Lesson 9: Event Handlers and Buttons

In this tutorial, we will learn about event handlers, how to use them as functions, and how to access them using buttons.

Lesson 10: SetTimeout, SetInterval, and External Scripts

In this tutorial, we will learn the difference between the setTimeout and setInterval functions as well as how to create an external JavaScript file and link it back to our website.

Lesson 11-1: Custom Objects (Part 1)

In this tutorial, we will learn about what objects are and how to create them.

Lesson 11-2: Custom Objects (Part 2)

Here, we are going to finish the example from the last video.

Lesson 12: Date Object and Math Object

In this tutorial, we will learn our first predefined objects in JavaScript: the Date and Math objects.

Lesson 13: String Object, Number Object, and Boolean Object

In this tutorial, we will learn about the string, number, and boolean objects in JavaScript.

Lesson 14: Browser Object Model (BOM)

In this tutorial, I will be introducing the Browser Object Model in moderate detail.

Lesson 15: Arrays

In this tutorial, we will learn about arrays and how we can use them to save space during execution.

Lesson 16: More on Arrays and the Image Object

In this tutorial, we will learn about methods and properties concerning arrays as well as the image object and preloading images.

Lesson 17: Form Object and Validation

I will show you an example of using simple form validation to ensure a user types in what you want.

Lesson 18: Document Object Model (DOM)

This will be an introduction into the Document Object Model including nodes and innerHTML. I very do much plan to teach more advance uses of it when I make my Level 2 playlist for JavaScript.

Lesson 19: DHTML

In this tutorial, we will touch upon Dynamic HyperText Mark-up Language.

Lesson 20-1: Cookies (Part 1)

In this tutorial we will learn about how to create cookies and use them to save user information.

Lesson 20-2: Cookies (Part 2)

Just a heads up concerning some of this material that we did in the last video.